Theatre Review: “ How The Grinch Stole Christmas” At The Old Globe Theatre & “ Angels In America” On Hbo


KPBS AIRDATE: December 12, 2003 Adaptations from one medium to another are not always successful. From book to stage, play to film, from cartoon to live action to stage and back again -- it doesn't always work. But two current productions succeed magnificently. One brings a book gloriously to life and appeals to the child in all of us. The other puts on the small screen Read More →

Theatre Review: “two Noble Kinsmen”


KPBS AIRDATE: August 27, 2004 Director Darko Tresnjak has an uncontrollable attraction to "bruised beauties." That's what he calls the neglected literary wallflowers he loves to tease into the dramatic dance. Fresh from a well-received production in New York's Central Park, Tresnjak has brought to the Old Globe a lesser-known, rarely-produced Shakespearean tragicomedy, "The Two Noble Kinsmen." Written in 1613, just three years before the Read More →

Theatre Review: “o” At The Bellagio , Las Vegas


KPBS AIRDATE:  May 13, 2005 “O” is an ‘Oh my God!’ experience. The Cirque du Soleil production at the Bellagio Hotel is nothing short of breathtaking. Though I’m not a fan of Las Vegas , or circuses, or even Cirque du Soleil, I found the show absolutely mesmerizing. The technical aspects alone are head-spinning. Consider this: the Read More →

Theatre Review: 2005 And 2006


LOOKING BACK AND FORWARD KPBS AIRDATE:  January 06, 2006 Ring out the old, ring in the new. It’s a good time to look at what heated up the last year, and what’s hot on the horizon. The final numbers aren’t in for 2005, but there are a few startling statistics you ought to know. In 2004, more than 2 million theater tickets were Read More →

“copenhagen” At Cygnet Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE:  September 01, 2006 A conversation took place 65 years ago, and it’s still a matter of controversy and conjecture. It was 1941. Denmark was under Nazi occupation. German physicist Werner Heisenberg made a dangerous, clandestine visit to his former mentor, Danish physicist Niels Bohr. Although the two brilliant, Nobel Prize-winning scientists were colleagues and friends, they were on opposite sides of the war, both Read More →

“two Trains Running” At The Old Globe


KPBS Airdate: 05/04/07 There are “Two Trains Running” at the Old Globe, and you should get on board. The production is historically significant for two reasons. First of all, it’s set in the late 1960s, which was a time of great upheaval in the country. With a war going on, and the Civil Rights movement stumbling, the country was in the throes of a racial Read More →