Theatre Review: “restless Spirits” At The San Diego Repertory Theatre, “gum” At Ucsd & “the Most Happy Fella” At Moonlight Stage Productions


KPBS AIRDATE:  February 10, 2006 Women who dream: One wants love and security. Another craves sexual and intellectual freedom. And a third is compelled to liberate the tortured souls of the dead. At UCSD, “Gum” certainly gives you something to chew on. The provocative play by former San Diegan Karen Hartman concerns two well-off young sisters living in an unnamed, Read More →

“ain’t You Heard?” By Ira Aldridge Repertory Players At Express Stage


KPBS AIRDATE:  September 29, 2006 When you were in school, did they teach you about the Harlem Renaissance? Did you learn about novelists like Zora Neale Hurston and Richard Wright? What about the ‘poet laureate of Harlem ,” Langston Hughes? Surprisingly, in a recent Q&A with audiences both black and white, few had learned about or read Hughes or the other Read More →

“the School Of The World” Vantage Theatre At Centro


Airdate: 06/01/07 “The School of the World” is no child’s play. It’s an intriguing story, a conjectural history partly based in fact. The action takes place in 1503, in Florence, which was a social/cultural/political power-center during the Renaissance. The two most brilliant artists of the day, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Leonardo da Vinci, were commissioned to paint giant murals in the Great Hall of the newly built Palazzo Read More →

“show Boat” At The Lawrence Welk Resort Theatre


KPBS AIRDATE:   January 2, 1992 Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly. And Lawrence Welk hadda do "Show Boat" sooner or later.   Actually, it's surprising that it's so much later, since the ground-breaking musical opened on Broadway in 1927, and the Welk has a penchant for multiple recyclings of its musical hits.             "Show Boat" is based on Read More →

“lost Highway: The Music & Legend Of Hank Williams” At The Old Globe Playhouse


KPBS AIRDATE: September 2, 1992 It's the kind of story we love to love.   Creative artists who are focused with pinpoint brilliance in their professional lives but disastrously out of control of their personal lives. Whose every act of creation is balanced by one of destruction.   Think of Mozart, Dylan Thomas, Tennessee Read More →

“states Of Shock” At The Ruse Theatre At The Marquis


KPBS AIRDATE: April 21, 1993 In the aftermath of the Vietnam War and the Cold War, the nation is wounded. In "States of Shock," Sam Shepard's latest play, we survey the whole American landscape in the person of five characters: all the unhealed responses to overt and covert combat. The White Woman and White Man just want to Read More →